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Peer-to-peer led Sex-Ed

BAI is proud to present our highly respected, evidence-based sex education program. Volunteer medical students from Mérida, and interns from all over the world, help our trained peer-to-peer instructors (Health Leaders) lead workshops in middle and high schools throughout Yucatán. 

We educate young people on anatomy, HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI's), the proper use of contraceptives to decrease teenage pregnancies, and youth empowerment.

We provide students with the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle and to take control of their bodies.

During a week of rigorous training the Health Leaders become familiar with the material they will teach. At the end of their training, they have a hands-on opportunity to share it with their classmates and peers. This is the first of many peer-to-peer workshops they will lead during the entire school year.

Our aim is to expand our Education program to more schools. This requires funding.

You can help us help the next generation of Yucatecans to live a healthier life by pledging here. Thank you! 

Hear from our Health Leaders:

"Being a Health Leader means having a family, and that makes me happy.

 BAI has taught us to be better people and to have better values."  

- Jhoanna

"BAI has taken me down a good path and opened many doors in my life. It has helped me mature and make my own decisions."

- Diego

"I am part of Fundación BAI because we help hundreds of people who don't think they have a voice."

- Yoshio

"I volunteer for BAI because I don't think I can change the world with only a few small gestures, but I certainly can by becoming involved in the world."

- Mafer

"Working with BAI is a beautiful experience. Being able to help others is one of the things I love most and BAI helps me do that.

- Juan Jose

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