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Access to care through BAI, means HIV is not a death sentence

In fact, many individuals living with HIV go on to lead full, healthy lives with an undetectable viral load. This means a reduced risk of developing HIV-related illnesses or passing HIV on to someone else.

BAI not only helps detect HIV, but establishes a close relationship with all our HIV positive clients.


BAI is pleased to offer excellent access to care with medical follow-up and support through our in-house team of psychotherapists and nutritionists who create individualized programs for our HIV+ clients' needs. We provide all of our services free of charge. 


We have established extensive contacts for our HIV+ clients in the Yucatán. These include the Health Department, IMSS and ISSSTE, who together cover the medical care of approximately 90% of the HIV+ population in the country.


BAI Care currently supports over 220 HIV positive clients with:

  • Post-diagnosis assessment with BAI Director and HIV specialist Dr. Carlos Cabrera May

  • A tailored medical plan and an assigned BAI Care volunteer for one-on-one support

  • Assistance in finding a treatment program, completing lab work and seeing physicians

  • Setting up appointments with HIV specialists and facilitating attendance


BAI provides newly-diagnosed HIV+ clients with a safe, supportive environment where issues can be discussed freely, so they can come to terms with living with HIV and understand the importance of adhering to their anti-retroviral therapy.

BAI Psychotherapy currently has 12 newly-diagnosed clients attending 15 group sessions.


Our program includes:

  • One-on-one counselling sessions with a BAI Psycotherapist

  • A 15 week holistic group-therapy program

  • Continuous support available 24/7

Watch a testimonial

In our video, BAI Psychologist Gabriela Castro talks about her work with recently-diagnosed HIV+ clients, and explains how other health-care professionals can become involved.

Read a client´s testimonial

Click here  to read the words of an HIV+ client who participated in group counselling sessions... Their status was detected at one of our public testing campaigns.

The client wanted to share their experience with BAI Care to help others going through the same experience.


Due to the nature of HIV and the way it compromises the immune system, the body can suffer from malnutrition. The important anti-retroviral therapy often has metabolic side effects.

BAI has a team of qualified nutritionists ready to aid in the clinical care of our HIV+ clients.

BAI Nutrition carefully monitors clients’ dietary needs resulting from their HIV infection.

Giving hope & help to an HIV shelter

We recently began a partnership with a new shelter, "Abrazos que dan vida" (Embraces that give life). The refuge houses and feeds people living with HIV/AIDS and their families. Many of them have special medical, psychological and social needs. We provide expert counseling and assistance with our team of psychologists and nutritionists, teaching sustainable food production and healthy living in order to educate clients and treat all their related nutritional concerns. 

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Office: 999 923 4689

Facebook: Fundación BAI A.C.

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The BAI Center

Avenida Yucatán - Calle 17 #665 Depto. C  x 60 Fracc. Jardines de Mérida, 97135

We offer free and confidential testing!

Send us an email or a private message on Facebook to make an appointment. 

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