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Thank you for making a difference

Fundación BAI's goals are to reduce the spread of HIV, sexually transmitted infections and prevent teenage pregnancies in the Yucatán. We aim to improve access to healthcare and help people achieve a better quality of life. We believe all of this can be done by educating the public about sexual health, and offering our assistance and expertise where we can. 

An estimated 260,815 people live with HIV in Mexico. This represents the second largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS of any country in Latin America. According to the National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS (CENSIDA), Yucatán has the highest rates of new cases of HIV in Mexico, and ranks third highest amongst the 32 states for cases of AIDS.

By pledging regularly you are showing a long-term commitment to our organization and demonstrating an appreciation of the vital work we do to bring about change in the Yucatán. With your donation, we are able to fund our programs to provide prevention education, free HIV tests and invaluable support to those in need. 

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Your donation is essential for us to continue our work.

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