Introducing our new interns!

We are very grateful to all the students, interns and expats who continue to join us from Merida, Mexico and all over the world, to volunteer for different lengths of time and projects. The tasks they perform range from administrative duties and digital marketing to fundraising, health education and HIV testing.

Almost every month we welcome new, highly motivated volunteers who form an integral part of Fundación BAI. Their hard work is key to meeting the foundation’s objectives.

If you want to be a part of this, check out all the information on our website and apply today!

Not only will you be contributing to society, you will also have fun working at Fundación BAI, gaining relevant practical work experience.

Next, a personal message from one Fundación BAI´s interns...

Coming from a very different education field, BAI helped me to develop both on a personal and professional level. I felt well integrated from the first day and had plenty of interesting tasks to work on. I strongly invite you to volunteer for such an important cause!

- Vanessa

Working to prevent the spread of HIV and STIs, and to decrease teenage pregnancies in the Yucatán

Trabajando para prevenir el VIH y ITS, y los embarazos adolescentes en Yucatán

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