How is HIV and AIDS prevented?

Via Sex: It is prevented by using a condom correctly and consistently, that is, during the entire sexual relation whether it is vaginal, anal or oral. No other contraceptive method prevents HIV.

Via Blood: It is prevented by avoiding contact with blood. Meaning that it is necessary not to exchange or share needles or syringes. In the case of the use of injectable drugs, use a new syringe each time. It is also suggested that any procedure that includes any cut or puncture is performed with disposable or sterilized material, like in cases of going to the dentist, a manicure, getting tattoos or other medical practices. Finally, avoid contact with blood or use latex gloves.

Via Birth (Mother - child): It is recommended that every pregnant woman undergo HIV testing during the first trimester. If the result is positive, treatment should be started, follow medical indications and stop breastfeeding. Thus, the chances of transmitting the virus to the baby are little to none. It is recommended that the couple also perform the test, and use a condom to preserve the health of the baby.


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