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Patricia Russom Quiñones

Patricia has always been a volunteer. At age 15, she spent the summer working with young kids in an inner city head start preschool program. It was a 40-mile trip that she made each weekday into Albany, New York and she had a blast! That experience led Patricia to helping out with various organizations such as Race for the Cure, The Red Cross and a clinic in St. Louis where she was involved in raising funds for new immigrants.

Patricia earned a degree in Early Childhood Education, teaching for several years as she moved from state to state. These constant moves led her to switch professions and she became a financial analyst at Citigroup, working there for 25 years until she retired.

While raising her family, they hosted international teenagers for one-year periods while they attended school and experienced life in the United States. The family did this for 14 years and each one of those students became like family. They continue to keep in touch and many of them have travelled to Merida to visit.


Patricia now volunteers for Fundación BAI and she do this for a variety of reasons. Volunteering gives her the opportunity to give something back to her community. It provides her with the opportunity to develop new skills and meet people from all walks of life. But most importantly it allows Patricia to be of service to a cause she believe in.

Contact Information


Office: 999 923 4689

Facebook: Fundación BAI A.C.

All messages are CONFIDENTIAL

The BAI Center

Avenida Yucatán - Calle 17 #665 Depto. C  x 60 Fracc. Jardines de Mérida, 97135

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