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Holly Theriault

Originally from Canada, Holly retired to Merida in 2014.


Volunteering was always something she had in mind when she moved to Mexico, and she found where she wanted to be when introduced to Fundación BAI. She is now president of the Fundraising Committee, and thoroughly enjoys chairing the weekly meetings. As a single mom and educator, Holly learned how to prioritize and organize her time. Those same skills have transferred well to her work with BAI. The committee has been extremely successful with its efforts to raise funds, to raise awareness of its mission and to foster relationships within the community.

It has been extremely important for Holly to have real connections to the people she is trying to help. She has taken great pleasure in meeting clients who are learning to live better lives as they deal with the challenges of HIV or AIDS. She finds her visits to schools where BAI programs are teaching teenagers about the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, beyond fulfilling. Holly is particularly impressed by the fact that several student volunteers involved in BAIs peer-to-peer teaching program have decided to pursue health-related studies.


Holly believes we all need to find that place where we can give a little back… Fundación BAI allows her to do just that.

Contact Information


Office: 999 923 4689

Facebook: Fundación BAI A.C.

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The BAI Center

Avenida Yucatán - Calle 17 #665 Depto. C  x 60 Fracc. Jardines de Mérida, 97135

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