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Dra. Zacil Ha Vilchis

Dr. Vilchis obtained her surgeon's degree from the Anahuac-Mayab as well as a Medical Genetics specialty from the UNAM, at the Hospital General de México.


She is currently working on several research projects in the Human Genetics Laboratory at the UADY's Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Regional Research Centre.

She has published national and international papers and currently develops several lines of research. A few that stand out are the analysis of genetic variants for breast cancer and their relation to obesity, and the genetic analysis of patients with non-syndromic congenital deafness.

Since 2012, Dr. Vilchis has been a professor in the Department of Clinical Genetics at the Anáhuac Mayab University. She also works as a Medical Geneticist for three foundations: The Yucatecan Association for the Hearing Impaired (AYPRODA), and the Mexican Association of Tuberous Sclerosis (AMET) and the TOCATE Foundation for breast cancer.

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