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Dr. Narces Alcocer

Dr. Narces Alcocer was born in Mérida, and after finishing his medical degree at the University of Yucatán he earned a postgraduate degree in Epidemiology at the Mexican Social Security Institute. IMSS is the largest social and health system in Latin America.


He is currently studying as a specialist in health promotion at the National Public Health Institute, mainly motivated by his five years experience at Fundación BAI. Dr Narces began as a medical assistant and counselor at BAI, and was later promoted to the research committee as a coordinator, helped by his background in HIV/AIDS research and other educational and community activities. 

Contact Information


Office: 999 923 4689

Facebook: Fundación BAI A.C.

All messages are CONFIDENTIAL

The BAI Center

Avenida Yucatán - Calle 17 #665 Depto. C  x 60 Fracc. Jardines de Mérida, 97135

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