Reproductive Anatomy includes the internal and external sex and reproductive organs. Everyone’s reproductive anatomy looks a little different.

Reproductive Anatomy includes the sex organs outside of your body and the sex and reproductive organs inside of your body. Some examples of sex organs are the vulva (which includes the vagina) and the penis. Two examples of reproductive organs are the uterus and testicles.

That being said, any part of your body can be sexual. You might have heard that your brain is your most important sex organ. That's because it controls your sexual responses — how your body reacts to arousal, sex, or masturbation. It’s also where your sexual fantasies and identities are developed.

Working to prevent the spread of HIV and STIs, and to decrease teenage pregnancies in the Yucatán

Trabajando para prevenir el VIH y ITS, y los embarazos adolescentes en Yucatán

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